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Dawn of the Destroyer

This exclusive short story tells the genesis of Mahzun, the Destroyer of Worlds. It can be read either before or after The Final Heir. 

Before becoming the Usurper, the Destroyer of Worlds, he was simply Mahzun. His life was spent hunting and dreaming of one day joining the elders of his village in protecting the Sanctum—and the holy treasure kept secret within.

Yet that life comes to an abrupt end when Lord Elandrian, in a bid to defeat his fellow Heirs, invades the village in search of that treasure. Mahzun must then find the strength to protect those he loves from the Heir’s wrath.

It is the beginning of a war that will engulf the world.

It is the end of an age.

It is the Dawn of the Destroyer.


The Snatching

Ordinary boys don't spend their birthday hunting down fierce monsters.

As a prince, Aydiin is no ordinary boy.


Before he was the Heir of Alarun, Aydiin was just a prince in the Sultanate of Salatia. At his father's insistence, Aydiin spends his twelfth birthday in the wilderness of the Surion Plateau in search of a kerton hatchling. Delve into Aydiin's past and experience the day the adventure-hungry prince found his life-long partner.  

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