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The Final Heir

The world is free. The world is mine.

Some call him the Usurper, the Destroyer of Worlds. Mahzun calls himself the Savior of Man. A decade of war has brought him to the precipice of victory.

Zahara, a prodigious mage, is destined to wield the Power of Creation and put an end to the Usurper. But when that power mistakenly falls to Ekarath, her best friend and elite soldier incapable of casting the simplest of spells, destiny must be questioned.

Will the Usurper complete his victory? Or will Ekarath find the strength to be the hero he wasn’t destined to be?

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A captivatingly complex villain stands out in this well-written fantasy series opener.

Kirkus Review

The Final Heir

Fantasy at its best! At first all I can say is WOW, just WOW! The action, adventure, unique storyline - it just all came together beautifully.

5 star Amazon review

Rise of the Forgotten Sun

Praise & Reviews

I applaud Jon Monson's ability to not only craft a story, but to write it so well. He has incredible skills and is a born storyteller. This fantasy series gives me excitement about the genre and admiration for those who create such vast worlds. The emotional journey he gives to his readers is a gift. This is what stories should do. And he does it so damn well!

Christina Yother, Ph.D.

Writer - Editor - Coach


What happens when Indiana Jones lives in a magical world and rides a kerton? There's a lot to love in this book, and I am anticipating reading the next one in the series.

5 star Amazon review

Rise of the Forgotten Sun

I love this story and can't wait for more! The world created by Monson is so rich that you live as you read it. 

5 star Amazon review for

The Final Heir

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About Jon Monson

Jon Monson is an American epic fantasy author from Salt Lake City, Utah. He is known for The Sun and the Raven trilogy, the first installment of which won the 2019 Best Indie Book Award for Fantasy.

Jon is happiest when immersed in the fantasy worlds he so lovingly creates. When he pulls himself back into the real world, Jon loves spending time exploring the wilderness of southern Utah with his wife and two daughters.

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